Travel and Work socks 15-20mmHg - Unisex - Gardamed

Travel and Work socks 15-20mmHg – Unisex


Compression LevelMedium Support
BrandTravel and Work
ConditionDVT – travel
Lower Limb StyleBelow Knee

Travel and Work® is a knee high support stocking ideal for sitting or standing for long periods without moving your legs which causes constriction of the veins and a slow return of venous blood to the heart.  Swollen and/or painful legs are the first signs. Travel and Work® have been clinically shown to actively improve the health of your legs.

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15-20 mmHg: Medium support ideal for long trips by car, plane, train or coach or indeed standing on your feet for more than 5 hours or sitting anywhere for more than 5 hours.  When your calf muscles are not active, the blood finds it more difficult to return through your veins to your heart, these light compression socks provide a gentle squeezing action which helps reduce the the diameter of the veins and encourages venous return.


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