Comfort (cotton) Class 1 Below Knee - Gardamed

Comfort (cotton) Class 1 Below Knee


Compression LevelMedium Compression
ConditionAching legs, DVT – travel, Leg ulcer – healed, Lymphoedema, Maternity, Varicose veins
Toe StyleClosed toe, Open toe
ColourBeige, Black
Lower Limb StyleBelow Knee

Gloriamed® Comfort (fine cotton) is a knee high compression sock designed for men and women. The elastane compression fibres are covered 100% in cotton which is ideal for delicate skin or allergies.  The cotton content also allows the stockings to be more breathable and firmer than the MICRO range.  Ideal in the presence of oedema (swelling). The use of state-of-the-art technologies and highly elastic yarns guarantee the best possible comfort and fit.

Made to measure: Take measurements first thing in the morning next to skin

More information about Gardamed compression classes here

Class 1 (18-23mmHg): Mild symptoms of venous disease such as heaviness and fatigue in the legs, combined venous and arterial insufficiency, mild varicosities without significant oedema, post sclerotherapy, small varicose dilations of cutaneous veins, initial varices during pregnancy, mild lymphoedema.

  • Gloriamed® stockings and arm sleeves are guaranteed to last at least 6 months if cared for correctly
  • Avoid damage to your stockings by removing rough edges from your nails and removing jewellery before putting them on and taking them off
  • Gloriamed® stockings can be hand washed or machine washed on a delicate setting maximum 40°C and left to dry away from direct heat
  • Do not iron, tumble-dry, dry clean or bleach

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