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We are at your disposal to provide you with any further information you may require.

M2M Forms

Measurements should be taken as early in the morning as possible and next to the skin to ensure accuracy. Gardamed made to measure forms are available for custom-made products.

Size Charts

We have put together comprehensive size charts for our off-the-shelf garments. If you are unsure about your size or your size is not included in our charts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Literature Request

Request scientific literature, brochures, samples and swatches regarding compression hosiery, wound care, lymphology and gel for the treatment of skin pigmentations.

Referral Forms

If you are not a prescriber and therefore need to refer your patient to a GP, fill in one of these forms and give to patient. This ensures correct garment is prescribed.

Featured Product Portfolio

Extensive range of compression hosiery, wound care products, lymphoedema made-to-measure and more.

Gloria Med Micro

Class 1 18-21 mmHg Class 2 23-32 mmHg Soft microfibre for easy to wear sheerness and elegance. Skin, Black, Mink.

Gloria Med Soft

Class 1 18-21 mmHg Class 2 23-32 mmHg Fine yarn compression stockings suit both men and women. Skin, Black.

Gloria Med Strong

Class 2 23-32 mmHg Class 33-46 mmHg Unique stretch ability and optimum elasticity. Natural rubber latex free.

Gloria Med Comfort

Class 1 18-21 mmHg Class 2 23-32 mmHg Hypoallergenic with superior quality cotton content. Skin, Black.

A User’s Guide to Compression Stockings

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You need to wear compression stockings, perhaps your GP has prescribed them or a friend has recommended them to you. When you look online there is a vast range of different compressions and prices. Where do you start? To begin with compression is measured in millimetres of mercury, or mmHG. The higher number means a higher compression. The table below gives an indication of the medical conditions requiring compression socks or stockings. Read More

Visit Gardamed on stand 27 at the British Lymphology Society 2017 event from 1st-3rd October.

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We are delighted to be attending the BLS 2017 national conference and welcome you to visit our stand between 1st and 3rd October. Mandy Wright, owner of Gardamed, will be joined by Anna Maria Mazzucchi from Gloria Med  to meet you and introduce you to the vast range of products that Gardamed offer.

Steve Westerbos, the creator of the amazing Steve+ donning and doffing aid will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have on this fantastic product.

We will have 5 free Steve+ to give away, names will be drawn at the end of the conference, so visit us at stand 27 to ensure you have a chance to win one of these fantastic aids.

Lymphoedema – the questions most people look for an answer to.

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Lymphoedema affects many people, so we’ve pulled together a list of the most common asked questions to help provide a better understanding of the condition.

Where on my body am I likely to be affected by the condition?

Lymphoedema can affect any part of the body. However, it most commonly affects a limb and sometimes the adjoining area of the trunk and/or breast.

Is it treatable?  Read More

Flying essentials you’ll never forget – your passport, boarding pass and currency…did you remember to pack your compression hosiery?

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Unless you have the excess funds to travel anything above economy when flying, you’ll have experienced the feeling of being cramped. By the time you’ve landed you discover too late that your ankles have swollen to twice the normal size due to lack of movement.

Those who exercise more frequently are less likely to experience these symptoms, while travellers who have a less active lifestyle are more likely to find their ankles or feet swollen at the end of a long-haul flight. Most people who fly regularly will know that movement whilst in the air helps stop the issue. We’re told to flex and extend our ankles, legs and knees as much as possible and avoid crossing our legs. Read More

The issues of putting on and taking off compression hosiery can now be a very distant memory thanks to Steve+!

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If you’ve ever tried to put on or take off compression socks, you’ll understand the physical strength required to put them on and take them off again. For many, the struggle to get these on is just not worth the benefits that you’ll gain from wearing them. The donning and doffing of these stockings, especially for those who suffer from ailments such as arthritis, have weight issues or back problems, can cause such anxiety that the benefits of wearing them can be outweighed by the physical demands of actually putting them on. Read More