As summer approaches and along come the flip flops and bare feet, it can be a difficult time for those of us who have to wear compression socks all year round.  While the temptation to leave the compression stockings at home is undeniable, hot weather can make swelling and aching legs worse. 

Gloriamed have an excellent range for the summer, Lady Gloria, are sheer, super-thin, compression stockings that actually look and feel like elegant sheer everyday stockings.  Nobody would ever imagine they had  the same compression as a pair of medical prescription ones.  The Lady Gloria knee high also come in the open toe version so you can wear them with sandals.  There are three fashionable colours: black, deer and sahara.  The tights are a great option with summer dresses, they squeeze your legs, making them feel slimmer while your clothes just shimmer across them instead of sticking.

If your doctor has prescribed you compression stockings then by all means wear the prescription ones when you can but Lady Gloria are a perfect option for when you have a special occasion.

Given the current situation it looks like most of us will be spending the summer here in the UK which means you don’t need flight socks.  Not true! Travel socks are for any form of travel, not just flying, DVT is caused when blood doesn’t circulate properly, more than often, in your legs.  If you are sitting in a car, coach or train for more than 3 hours, compression socks are always recommended.

When barelegging isn’t an option make sure you following our expert tips for healthy legs in summer:

  1. Put your feet up whenever possible
  2. If it’s really hot place them in a bowl of cold water
  3. Moisturise.  All types of compression socks can reduce the moisture in your legs and make the fabrics feel uncomfortable
  4. Try not to stand up for too long
  5. Don’t put your legs in direct sunlight
  6. Rather than go without compression completely buy some sheer Lady Gloria support socks.