Wound healing is an amazing, complex process that takes place in our body after an injury, whether that be accidental (burns, cuts, grazes), a post-surgical wound following an operation, or a result of an underlying issue or situation (leg ulcers, bed sores). Even today, not all the details of wound healing are fully understood but we do know that there are four steps in the process.

Step 1 – Inflammation

This usually lasts 0-3 days and is the body’s immediate response to stop or prevent blood loss and a scab forms.

Step 2 – Destruction

This can last between 1 to 6 days during which white blood cells arrive at the wound site to try and prevent infection. These then die off and form a white/yellow slough.

Step 3 – Proliferation

During this stage the body tries to fill the wound hole with granulation tissue. This usually takes between 3 and 24 days.

Step 4 – Maturation

This last step usually lasts anything from 21 days to 2 years. Epithelial cells move over the granulation tissue and pull together the wound edges.

1 Primary Wound Dressing

The philosophy behind 1 Primary Wound Dressing (1PWD), is that it is the body that heals the wound, not the product.  Our objective is to provide the body with the best possible solution to do so in every stage of the above wound healing processes.

1PWD spray is a 100% natural patented combination of plant oils, including Neem oil and St. John’s Wort.

1 Primary Wound Dressing is the first medicinal application of Neem oil to become CE marked. 1PWD can be prescribed by healthcare professionals and GPs in some areas of the UK and has been used in hospitals in Switzerland for over 12 years. The claims made in the instruction leaflet are backed by proper scientific evidence.

  1. 1PWD maintains a moist wound environment and enables the body to activate physiological wound healing. 1PWD  creates  a  thin  oil  film  on  the  wound  surface,  which  prevents  water  evaporation  from  the wound.
  2. 1PWD protects the surrounding skin against maceration and supports healthy skin function. The oil is sprayed into the wound and over surrounding skin, the hydrophobic nature of the oil means that the wound discharge doesn’t harm the healthy skin around the wound. The  area  around the  wound  is  often  dry but 1PWD  protects and supports  the skin due to the high content of unsaturated fatty  acids.  These fatty acids provide food for the cells and are part of the newly formed cell walls.
  3. 1PWD protects the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound, thereby reducing skin trauma and pain during dressing change. Reduction of pain during dressing change using 1PWD has been clinically proven, the oil prevents the gauze from sticking.
  4. 1PWD has an antimicrobial effect based on physical mode of action. This means that the fatty acids cover the bacterial cell membrane, bacteria become immobile and die. During each step of the healing process the wound is prone to infection which delays healing, 1PWD is non-cytotoxic and can be used during all the wound healing stages.

1 Primary Wound Dressing is used by healthcare professional for a wide range of chronic and acute wounds, however, it is also an ideal addition to your first aid box, it is suitable for babies over 1 month of age and can be used on a day-to-day basis for the following wounds.