Dr Leanne Atkin – Vascular Nurse Specialist

Gardamed Ltd is the UK distributor of Gloriamed graduated compression hosiery. The Gloriamed range of RAL standard stockings were awarded a place on the NHS Supply Chain Vascular Therapy tender in 2017 and have since maintained this position, offering an economic purchase route for vascular, tissue viablity, lymphoedema and dermatology teams to quickly obtain compression stockings for their patients. Leanne Atkin from the Mid Yorks NHS Foundation Trust has provided us with their opinion.

” Gardamed was awarded Lot 4 – lower limb lymphoedema garments of the NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement for the supply of Vascular Therapy and Associated Products.  As part of the framework agreement, evidence of product quality, in this case RAL standard certificates, training and price were assessed. We are using the Gloria Med Micro Class 1 (18-21mmHg) and Class 2 (23-32mmHg) hosiery in the outpatient vascular department at Pinderfields Hospital (Mid Yorks NHS Trust).  The whole team found these garments to be excellent.  They have a wide top band, nice and soft and altogether of high standard.  The flexibility of having a short and long version is excellent to ensure we have the correct fit for the patients.  The patients report high degree of satisfaction with the stockings commenting on their appearance and comfort.  I would recommend these stockings in line with the NHS supply chain agreement.”

How we operate

  • Stockings purchased through NHS Supply Chain
  • Hosiery stock in clinic means patient is put into compression during assessment visit and fit is ensured
  • Community prescription provided for same garment so patient as one to wash/wear
  • Ongoing care with hosiery facilitated by home delivery of stockings


  • Elimination of extra hospital visits for patient, since compression is measured and fitted same day
  • Elimination of task to GP/nurse for prescriptions
  • Ensures the correct garmett is used/ordered
  • 30-40% Trust savings thanks to NHS Supply Chain vascular framework agreement 
  • Reduction of time patient needs to wait to start compression therapy (Average of 4.3 days from time patient visits clinical provider) 
  • Patient convenience
  • 100% patient satisfaction with stockings which increases compliance with therapy
  • 0% error in compression stocking prescriptions 
  • Reduction in need for made-to-measure garments due to large Gloriamed size range (24 sizes)

Dr. Leanne Atkin,

Vascular Nurse Specialist

Mid Yorks NHS Trust