How do I know which type of compression stockings to buy? The Gardamed website alone has 11 different brands of medical compression and medical support stockings which range from £12.90 to £52.90 for a below knee sock. What is the difference between medical support and medical compression?

The Knitting process

Medical Compression Medical Support
Knitting processContains a “weft yarn” (indicated in red) which alters the shaping during the knitting process and provides higher tensions and easily calibrated compression.
No “weft yarn” which reduces the lower compression rating.
Medical Compression Medical Support
Stretch characteristics Two way stretch. A third elastic yarn is woven into the fabric.One way stretch. There is no elastic yarn woven in thus no elasticity in longitudinal direction
Medical Compression Medical Support
FitFits perfectly to all bends and folds in the leg including under the knee. The change in the size of the hosiery in longitudinal or transverse direction when stretched is uniform.More difficult to achieve exact fit. Garments do not stretch uniformly.
Medical Compression Medical Support
Manufacturing quality standardsManufactured to strict international RAL standard which guarantees highest quality level in compression hosiery. A Quality Mark Association Certificate is given to the products. The yarns are also tested and must return to their original form after application of pressure.Gloriamed medical support stockings are manufactured to the same internal standards but do not have a Quality Mark Association Certificate. Due to the difference in knitting process they can not withstand high amounts of pressure which may occur in leg oedema.
Medical Compression Medical Support
DurabilityTested and guaranteed for 6 months of wear even if washed and worn every day.No product guarantee is in place, although general consensus agrees that the products last at least 3 months.
Medical Compression Medical Support
Sizes Gloriamed medical compression stockings are avialable in 24 off-the-shelf sizes with different ankle/below knee/calf/length ratios.Available in limited number of sizes.
Medical Compression Medical Support
Avialable on prescriptionYesNo
Medical CompressionMedical Support
Conditions Existing venous conditions, post sclerotherapy, swelling, lymphoedema, leg ulcers, uneven leg size.Average leg shape and size, prevention of venous conditions, mild venous conditions such as aching legs.
Medical CompressionMedical Support
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