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Leg Ulcer Kits

Recommended for the self-management of venous ulcers after oedema reduction and following bandagin. The system comprises 3 components (a dressing fix, a compression liner and a medical stocking).

Medical Compression

The most effective method of preventing a healed leg ulcer from returning is to wear compression stockings at all times.  Gardmed have a selection of medical compression stockings (RAL Class 1,2 or 3) proven to reduce leg ulcer recurrence.

Stocking Aids

One reason why a leg ulcer may return is due to non concordance with compression hosiery.  Gardamed have a wide selection of aids suitable for all types of compression and ability levels.

Wound Dressings

One Primary Wound Dressing is a innovative wound healing product which is sprayed directly onto the wound. Ideal for painless, non touch, self-care. The combination of oils enables the treatment of all types of acute and chronic wounds.