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Wound Care Kit – Large


The Large Wound Care Kit contains: 17ml 1 Primary Wound Dressing, 100 swabs 6ply non-woven gauze (7.5cm x 7.5cm), gauze tape.

Depending on the size and position of the wound, it can be covered with the non-woven gauze to protect it from infection or stop it from reopening. The oil needs to be applied every 24-48 hours, the oil in the spray will prevent the wound from sticking, use sparingly.  Once the wound starts healing, the sray should be used until complete closure without the gauze.

Ideal for small wounds including post surgical wounds, pilonidal sinus, leg or foot ulcers, burns, cuts and grazes, athlete’s foot, blisters, cracked heels, parchment skin.

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Volume10ml, 17ml

• Antimicrobial effect – Fatty acids in the oil film enable an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects
• Skin regeneration – The oil film and fatty acids promote regeneration of  epidermis and a healthy scarring
• Innovative wound healing product – Formulated from combination of Neem Oil and St. John’s Wort Oil
• Suitable for adults and children – Made from 100% natural, preservative free products
• Non touch and simple to use – Treatment of acute surgical wounds, pressure sores, burns and cuts
• Wound bed, wound edge and periwound skin – 1PWD is sprayed all over wound and surrounding area

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