Medical Compression Maternity Tights


• Brand: SOFT by Gloriamed® Made in Italy
• On prescription: No
• Compression Class: RAL Class 1
• Compression Level: 18-21 mmHg
• Style: Tights with closed toe
• Description: Opaque fibre with medical standard compression. Top of the range precise fitting garment that reduces the risk of varicose veins, eases symptoms and reduces swelling in aching, tired legs.

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  • Class 1: Prevention of venous diseases, heaviness and fatigue in the legs, pain with or without varicosity, initial varices during pregnancy.
  • Class 2: Moderate Chronic Venous Insufficiency, post-varicophlebitis, lymphoedema, venous insufficiency due to varicosis, after small superficial ulcers, post-sclerotherapy, varicosis during pregnancy.

Gloriamed MICRO. Socks, stockings and tights suitable for men and women.  Made in microfibre for easy-to-wear elegance and sheerness. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and highly elastic yarns guarantee the best possible comfort and fit.

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Product Care

• Gloriamed® stockings are guaranteed to last at least 6 months if cared for correctly.
• Avoid damage to your stockings by removing rough edges from your nails and removing jewellery before putting them on and taking them off.
• Gloriamed® stockings should be hand washed at 40°C and left to dry away from direct heat.
• Do not iron , tumble-dry, dry clean or bleach.