Micro Made to Measure – Knee High – Closed Toe

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• Brand: MICRO by Gloriamed® Made in Italy
• On prescription: Yes for certain diseases
• Compression Class: RAL Class 1  medical compression
• Compression Level: 18-21 mmHg
• Style: Below Knee. Unisex
• Description: Opaque, soft, fashionable, top of the range stocking. Suitable for use as travel sock to prevent DVT
• Size: Take measurements next to skin first thing in the morning

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  • Class 1 (18-21mmHg): Prevention of venous diseases, heaviness and fatigue in the legs, pain with or without varicosity, initial varices during pregnancy. Prevention of DVT during travel.

Gloriamed MICRO. Socks, stockings and tights suitable for men and women.  Made in microfibre for easy-to-wear elegance and sheerness. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and highly elastic yarns guarantee the best possible comfort and fit.

Note: Gardamed recommends that you contact a nurse, GP or pharmacist to ensure that compression hosiery is right for you. You may need to be measured in order to obtain the correct size which will ensure that the hosiery works correctly and feels comfortable.

Additional information

Ankle width

18-19cm, 20-22cm, 23-25cm, 26-28cm, 29-31cm, 32-34cm

Calf width (at widest point)

29-31cm, 32-35cm, 36-39cm, 40-43cm, 44-48cm, 49-56cm

Below knee width

28-30cm, 31-34cm, 35-38cm, 39-42cm, 43-47cm, 48-55cm

Length (floor to below knee)

34-38cm, 39-44cm, Less than 34cm, More than 44cm


Beige, Black

Size Chart

Product Care

• Gloriamed® stockings are guaranteed to last at least 6 months if cared for correctly.
• Avoid damage to your stockings by removing rough edges from your nails and removing jewellery before putting them on and taking them off.
• Gloriamed® stockings should be hand washed at 40°C and left to dry away from direct heat.
• Do not iron , tumble-dry, dry clean or bleach.