ONE Primary Wound Dressing® 




•  Moist wound environment – The oil film creates a moist wound environment, thus promoting cell proliferation and activating physiological wound healing.

•  Antimicrobial effect – Fatty acids in the oil film enable an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects that may inhibit wound healing.

•  Skin regeneration – The oil film and its fatty acids promote the regeneration of the epidermis and therefore a healthy scarring.

•  Painless dressing change – The oil film prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound, thus enabling easy and painless dressing changes.

Available on prescription

17ML PIP 406-5579 (average 30 applications)

10ML PIP 406-5330 (average 20 applications)

INNOVATIVE PROTEASE MODULATING, WOUND HEALING PRODUCT formulated from a synergist combination of Neem Oil and St. John’s Wort Oil

 WOUND HEALING PRODUCT SUITABLE FOR ADULTS AND CHILDREN made from 100% natural, preservative free products with a shelf life of 42 months

ENABLES A PAINLESS, NON-TOUCH AND SIMPLE TO USE treatment of acute surgical wounds, pressure sores and a wide range of chronic wounds

TREATS THE WOUND BED, THE WOUND EDGE AND THE PERIWOUND SKIN during all the wound healing stages with both clinical and cost effective advantages well documented


Step One

  • Shake well before use

Step Two

  • Spray  directly from a distance of 5-10cm onto cleaned wound bed and periwound skin. A clear oil film must be visible. Let the oil layer settle for 1 minute.

Step Three

  • Cover the wound and periwound skin with an appropriate secondary dressing. The recommended dressing is a non-woven gauze or absorber that is adjusted to the wound exudate.

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