One of the biggest challenges to wearing compression hosiery is how to put them on and take them off. Compression hosiery is designed to be tight around the foot and ankle area and everybody wearing stockings on a daily basis will agree how difficult the donning and doffing process is.

The Steve+ range of compression hosiery aids are suited to every budget and ability.  They are top of the range items with patented design and offer the very best solutions to compression hosiery difficulties.

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Stocking Aids
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Steve+ Stocking Aid

Steve+® stocking aid which helps you put on and take off compression hosiery without bending.

Steve Glides

Steve Glide Dolphin® simple aid to help you put on open toe compression stockings.

Steve Gloves

Steve Gloves can be used with all type of compression stockings. Ideal with Steve+ aid too.

Steve+ ® compression stocking aid. For donning and doffing.

Steve+ is available in 4 different sizes and is also available on prescription. Ask your GP or hosiery prescriber.

Steve+ is a lightweight aid which effortlessly helps you put on and take off your compression hosiery. Make sure to measure the calf circumference to determine the required size.